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* Mail Server Installations
     * Proxy Server Installations
      * DNS Server Installations
    * Hosting and Website Services
     * IBM Lotus Notes Domino Server Setup and support
     * HP authorized reseller
     * Eset Enterprise Solution Partner
* LINK Authorized Dealer
* LOGO Authorized Dealer
* Onsite Support and Consulting Services
* Computer, OEM Parts Sales and Supply
* Desktop - Notebook Repair
* Computer Supplies
* IPCOP Firewall and Network Sharing Service
With its experienced and expert staff, Erfa Computer offers you forward-looking solutions in IT and offers IT support to its customers. Indicate your needs, let's suggest solutions ...

In dozens of different sectors, we support our customers' technological infrastructure with alternative software products and support their transition to automation.

In addition to its customer-oriented sales and support policy, it will make every effort and effort to provide smooth and on-site support, turnkey projects, and to be a company with which you will have 100 percent confidence in IT.

Businesses; Regardless of the type, brand and model of its products, contracted services are provided to ensure the continuity of their business and to provide uninterrupted and urgent support in unexpected problems.
Erfa Computer

" Professional Solutions in the Corporate Area"
When people find out that today's quick thoughts are slow for tomorrow, this will be a shock for them. But to produce tomorrow's dreams today may be the lifestyle of the future.. Christopher Morley

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We Have a Solution for Everything

On-Site Technical Service and Consulting Service

Companies use professional solutions to ensure the continuity of the IT department and to get rid of the problems that may arise with the least damage.

With our monthly and annual maintenance agreements, we ensure the continuity of the system by responding to the problems that will occur in your company in a timely manner. We take precautions against possible problems and secure your information.
We offer the services of designing, creating, implementing, securing, maintaining, optimizing performance and troubleshooting of network infrastructures.

Fiber Optic Cabling

We realize your fiber optic cable infrastructure projects on a turn-key basis. On-site inspection, project planning, cable drawing, fiber optic epoxy termination, fiber optic fusion termination, fiber optic dB test, fiber optic OTDR test, fiber optic dB test reporting, documentation, from our fiber optic commissioning services

Network Solutions

Server Installation and Management

Commercial Package Program Support

We offer server sales and installation, after sales technical support to our valued customers with our expert team.

Virtual Server Management

Thanks to the virtualization technology, you can ensure that your organization operates more reliably, faster and more stable by providing independent and isolated systems over the physical server.

Firewall Installation and Management

Firewall (Internet Security System) is a computer and the general name given to the software on the Internet, which restricts / prohibits the access of people who connect over the Internet and usually operates as an Internet gateway service (main Internet connection service).

Mail Server Solutions

It covers the system planning and management services required for e-mail service specific to institutions.

Accounting and Finance Management, Production Management, Material Management, Budget Management, Project Management, Maintenance Management, Asset Management, Purchasing Management, Demand Management, Supply Chain Management, Customer Relationship Management, Foreign Trade, Business Intelligence and Human Resources. all functions can be managed with LOGO ERP Solutions. Logo ERP solutions are constantly being developed within the framework of quality standards; It ensures that all corporate information, processes and processes are carried, managed and audited to a secure platform within the framework of predefined standards.

Logo software products offer an efficiency platform that increases your corporate value as well as meeting your needs in software with technological solutions. In addition to the sustainable quality of the goods and services produced, regardless of the business or institution, it ensures that it is kept under control with the integrated software in all aspects and the right planning is made.

Link Solar System is an Enterprise Resource Planning software that deals with all business processes of medium and large size companies such as finance, production, sales, purchasing, planning and so on.

The New Generation is a software that is presented to the users with its flexible, secure and simple interface in accordance with the legislation, considering the on-site applications of small and medium-sized enterprises.
It is your solution partner that has standardized all kinds of operational processes of employees, which is one of the important resources of businesses, by using technological infrastructure.
Erfa Computer Software and Technical Services

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